Our mission

We, Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V., are convinced of the potential of Heidelberg in both scientific and economic terms.

By offering the appropriate professional support, we help inventors and entrepreneurs from the scientific community to develop and realize their ideas. To this end, we tap into the strengths of those who have joined the association. As an attractive point of contact, we maintain relations with the various stakeholders.

Our goal is to secure the long-term success of startups. To this end, we support the formation of interdisciplinary teams in which all types of expertise are represented and help with the acquisition of the resources required.

These efforts are aimed at competitive spin-offs with commercially successful products and services.  The creation of entrepreneurial value should go hand in hand with the creation of high-value jobs in the region.

  • Committee

    Board of directors of Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V.

    Chairman: Dr. André H.R. Domin
    2. Vorsitzender: Dr. Sigurd Weinreich
    Kassenwart: Dr. Gerd-Jörg Rauch
    Beisitzer: Dr. Jürgen Bauer
    Beisitzer: Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Fischer

  • Management

    1st Executive Officer: Dr. Thomas Prexl
    2nd Executive Officer: Dr. Raoul Haschke

  • Startup Support Bureau

    Markus Bühler
    Dr. Raoul Haschke
    Dr. Thomas Prexl (Director Startup Support Bureau)
    Dr. Helia Schönthaler